The owner of OnePlus, used to work in Oppo

Pete Lau, the owner of OnePlus, used to work in Oppo,, ketway-image, ketway-motivational pics

Today, China’s company OnePlus is the world’s most famous smartphone maker company. Oneplus is the only company in today’s time that competes directly with the iPhone.

Recently, this company has launched two variants of OnePlus 5, whose response is very good. Today we are going to tell you something about this company that you probably will not know at all.

Founder of OnePlus

OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau was a Hardware Engineer at Oppo company, after some time he becoming a marketing head and then Vice President. But by his luck and passion, he has reached here today. Pete Lau resigned Oppo in November 2013.

Six people laid the foundations of the company

In December 2013, Pete laid the foundations of a company with six people. The name of the company was kept onePlus. Pete always believed in giving quality products. Because of that today the name of the company is among the successful companies.

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Was Not have manufacturing facility

OnePlus company did not have the facility of manufacturing in the early stages. That’s why Pete had to make mobile from Oppo. On April 1, 2014, Pete officially announced the OnePlus Company With its first smartphone ‘OnePlus 1’.

Sales of the phone went online

OnePlus 1, were launched in the variant of 16GB and 64GB of storage . This smartphone started for selling in the online market in June 2014. This smartphone got a great response and by December 2014 the company sold 1 million mobile phones.

Pete Lau never looked back after the success of his first phone and One after one, launched 4 smartphones in front of the world. The company has recently launched OnePlus 5. This phone has been launched in the variant of 6 GB and 8 GB RAM. This phone is directly compared to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

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