Seven Wonders – Short Story With Moral

Seven Wonders - Short Story With Moral,, ketway, ketway-images-pics, wonders, news, motivational

Seven Wonders – Richa was a little girl of 9 years old who lived in the village. She studied up to class 4th, from her own village school, and from class 5th she got admission in a good school in the city near the village.

She was very happy that she got admission in the main school of the city. Today was her first day in the city school, and she was waiting for the school bus to go to school. When the bus came, she immediately got on the bus, she was looking very excited.

When the bus reached school, all the children started going to their classes. Richa also asked her class’s address to the children and went to her class.

When she arrived in her class, By looking at her clothes, and knowing that she is from the village, The children of her class started joking about her.

Soon the teacher came to the class, and she asked all the children to stay calm. She introduced everyone to Richa and said that, from today, Richa will also read with you.

After that, the teacher asked all the children to be ready for the Surprise Test and the teacher asked everyone to write 7 wonders of the world. Soon, when all the children began to write answers in their own copies. Richa also started giving a gradual answer after thinking for a while.

Except Richa, all the other children had submitted their own answer paper to the teacher, The teacher came to Richa and asked: “What Happened Dear”. Nevermind, write as much as you can. Because I have already told the rest of the children a few days ago, but not you.

Richa answered

I am thinking, there are so many wonders, what seven wonders should I write? And by saying so, She submitted her answer sheet to the Teacher.

The teacher began to see everyone’s answer paper one by one.  And almost everyone had written the correct answers like China’s wall, Taj Mahal, hanging garden etc.

The teacher was happy that all the children know the correct answer. And, in the end, She started reading the Richa’s answer sheet.

Seven Wonders by Richa

“Seven wonders – To see, To hear, To touch, To taste, To feel, To laugh and To love.”

The teacher was surprised and there was peace in the whole class. Today, a small village girl reminds us that God has given us precious gifts, And It was literally the same as a wonder.

Seven Wonders - Short Story With Moral,, ketway, ketway-images-pics, wonders, news, motivational


God has given us all the powers by which we can achieve our goal. If needed, just to peek inside, to recognize the wonders given by God to us.

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