A politician robot that will contest in 2020 elections

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politician robot – we have seen many forms of robot like waiters, doctors, drivers.

Now, one step ahead, New  Zealand scientist has made a robot leader. And it is also preparing to contest elections in  2020.

politician robot

New Zealand’s 49-year-old entrepreneur Nick Gerritson has developed the world’s first artificial intelligence politician robot,

that can answer questions on local issues related to housing,  education policies.

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politician robot ketway-robot about-robot ketway.com ketway-blog ketway-image

This robot has been named ‘Sam’ (SAM). Gerritsson believes that even though the system is not  entirely accurate,

But it can prove to be effective in erasing the growing political and cultural differences in many countries,

Because human bias can influence the algorithms,

But there are no challenges in technology related solutions .

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He explained that “the politician Robot Sam, with artificial intelligence, is constantly learning to give feedback to people through Facebook Messenger.

In New Zealand, there will be general elections in the end of 2020, By then Sam will be ready for election as a candidate. “

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