So once again, Hrithik Roshan is preparing to be groom?

New Delhi: Hrithik Roshan divorced wife Sujain Khan in 2014 After divorcing from Suzanne, there were many fluctuations in the life of Rithik but now it seems that everything is going to be all right. For the last few days, the news market is hot that Hrithik Roshan can once again reside his house. Yes, soon the Hrithik can get married again.

Now the question is if the ritual is going to get married then who is the girl? The question is flimsy, but Hrithik Roshan’s bride’s name may surprise you.

According to media reports, Hrithik and not with anyone, but can marry again with his first wife, Sujain Khan. Bonding between the two has surprised everyone since last several days. From foreign holidays to the parties in Mumbai, often they are both together.

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Sujain with Hrithik Roshan on Hrithik’s birthday

Suzanne shares a special picture on Instagram. And for Hrithik, the love that is in her heart has expressed it. Sujain wrote with this picture, ‘You will always be like the sunbeam in my life “My Life”. Happy birthday Always keep smiling and always scattering your lights.’ Sujain and Hrithik went with their children for a holiday in France some time ago. This picture is being told that captured from there.

Let me tell you after Hrithik Roshan made his debut film ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’, he married his First Love Sujain in 2000. But after the mutual differences, the 14-year-old marriage ended and both of them got divorced in 2014.

These two have two sons. The name of the older son is Rehan, whose age is 11 years and the name of the younger son is Ridan, which is about 9 years old. Both of them may have finished their relationship after divorce in 2014. But both of them always take out time for their children and spend time together.

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