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Lost Contacts? Get such back

Get back such lost Google contacts Google plays a very important role in collecting information about our friends and professional contacts. But, many times we lose all our hard earned contact informations over the years, by making small mistakes, And delete contact by mistake. But, if it happens by mistake, there is no need to […]

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Delete your entire Activity History on Windows 10

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Windows 10 keeps up the history of your entire activity on your computer and the cloud. It includes everything from your browsing history to location information. although Microsoft has made it easy that you can view all your data and even delete it. What data does track, Windows 10? The data that Windows collects includes […]

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Facebook removed ‘ticker’ feature, now it is difficult to track activities of Friends

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Facebook has recently removed a special feature ‘Ticker’. Launched in 2011, this feature was tracking your friends’ activities on Facebook. The ‘Ticker’ feature that appeared on the right side of the website was telling you what your friends are doing on Facebook. Your Friends, Whose Posts Are Liking, What are the comments on which post, […]

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The best SMS app for Android by Microsoft

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SMS Organizer – Searching for the best SMS application for Android? Google Play Store lists a gazillion messaging application which can do MMS, SMS, and more, most prominent choice is fb Messenger.  which are messaging aside as an element.  TrueCaller can identify senders and Then the Android message also includes audio chats, emoji and location sharing […]

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