The battle in between 2 largest teams for Mahendra Singh Dhoni in IPL 2018 meeting

Mahendra Singh Dhoni in IPL

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and IPL 2018 – Every wants Mahendra Singh Dhoni to be included in his team this time. But Chennai Super Kings team wants to keep his 4 players retinately in advance. and Many teams believe that superkings are returning after 2 years. So they do not have this right CSK should keep Dhoni again.

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Already All the teams had sat face-to-face once for IPL 2018. In such a way, in the first meeting, on many issues, the teams were fighting to each other.

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The biggest case was between the Kolkata Knight Riders team owner Shahrukh Khan and owner of Chennai Super Kings. So let’s know what is the whole matter.

Shah Rukh Khan wants dhoni in his team


The biggest news is that hah Rukh Khan wants dhoni in his team, And that’s why shah Rukh Khan wants Do not keep any, Dhoni in advance. Only Dhoni should be left open in the bid.

surely this can be the biggest bid in this IPL 2018.

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In last IPL Shah Rukh Khan already stated

Mahendra Singh ketway-blog MS Dhoni-best ketway-image

“I am ready to sell my pajamas to buy MS Dhoni, but it can only possible when MS Dhoni come in the auction?”

So if MS Dhoni will come in the auction, then really it will be very interesting.

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